Strite’s Logo Designs

Strite’s is a delicious Shenandoah Valley donut shop that approached JMU’s Madison Marketing Association for a logo and slogan redesign project.Strite's Donuts Logo


Above and Beyond Childcare Business Plan

This business plan was written in spring semester of 2015 for JMU’s College of Business 300 classes. Students are required to work in a team to create a business plan for an original product or service. My team’s business plan was nominated by our teachers to be entered in JMU’s 2015 Business Plan Competition to compete for a $30,000 scholarship.

Above and Beyond Childcare Business Plan

Advertising Campaign for the John C. Wells Planetarium

This ad campaign was created in the spring semester of 2015. I worked in a team to create an ad campaign for James Madison University’s planetarium. Materials produced include a fact sheet, press release, persona, creative strategy, radio script and radio ad, TV script and TV ad, print ad, and social media marketing.

John C. Wells Print Ad

John C. Wells Planetarium Fact Sheet